Astra Gourmet Fish Cake Decorating Food Grade Silicone Jello Sugar Chocolate Fondant Molds, Random Color

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Mold Size:
5 cm x 7.5 centimeters (W X L).
Finished Fondant Size:.
3.7 centimeters x 6.5 cm (W X L).
Exactly how do I use the silicone mold?
1. Dust mold and mildew gently with corn starch and also touch out the unwanted.
2. Turn out your fondant or gum tissue paste as well as put right into the mold. Keep your fingers cleaned with corn starch so the fondant does not adhere to your hands.
3. Press your fondant down with one hand while you squeeze as well as smooth the fondant with your other hand. Best to function left to right.
4. When you have safe and secure your fondant, make use of a moving pin dusted with cornstarch and also roll over the form. Press securely right into the mold.
5. To produce a level or even surface, lay a dusted cornstarch knife level and also gradually trim away any type of excess fondant.
6. If you observe any kind of rough edges, dust your fingers and also rub the sides to smooth them out.
7. If your fondant is soft to the touch, put the mold and mildew into the fridge freezer for a few minutes.
8. Once your fondant is solid, just flip your silicone mold and mildew and flex the mold and mildew backwards. Your fondant should pop out. If you're having problem, attempt using a toothpick or knife to push the fondant SLOWLY.
9. Allow your fondant on a parchment paper and also let it completely dry (generally around 10 minutes or two).

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